Areas of expertise

In addition to specialist translations we also carry out many general, tourist and commercial translations. These are translations that do not require an in-depth knowledge of specific terminology (as is the case with medical translations, legal translations or technical translations) but that require a great deal of creativity on the part of the translator for the production of a good translation.

In the translation of literary works, for example, it is extremely important that the translator be creative and above all highly capable of transferring the author’s style into the language into which the work is being translated.

Translations of works relating to art, culture and tourism require a fresh, enthusiastic style that appeals to the target group from the country in question. We translate tours for Dutch museums, city guides and walking tours for many Dutch towns and tourist information offices.

A business presentation too needs to be written in a creative style that persuades people to buy a product or service.

Whereas a legal translation has to stick as closely as possible to the source text, in the case of a general, tourist or commercial translation it is usually more important that the text reads well and appeals to the reader.

Our translators take all take these points into consideration and their work is as creative as possible. We have many clients in the tourist industry, in SMEs and in the advertising sector for whom we do our utmost to provide them with great creative translations.