Have your medical documents translated safely

In the healthcare and medical industry accurate, precise medical translations are just as important as the dosing of the medication given to patients as part of their treatment. If you commission us to carry out a medical translation – whether you are a patient, a doctor, a researcher or a manufacturer of medical equipment – you have to be able to trust completely that patient safety will never be put at risk by incompleteness or a translation error.

Vertaalbureau Noorderlicht’s medical translators

So at the medical translation agency Noorderlicht we use specialist translators to carry out medical translations. We use both translators who have followed up their translation qualifications with an additional medical specialisation and specialists from the healthcare sector (doctors / laboratory workers / physiotherapists / psychologists) who have made the switch either part-time or full-time to medical translation or medical revision. This enables us, as a medical translation agency, to guarantee that the medical text that you wish to have translated will always be of excellent quality.


Sometimes it is important to check that the meaning of the source text is exactly the same as the meaning of the target text. This may matter, for example, in the case of patient questionnaires, as there should not be any statistical differences resulting from a difference in nuance in the translation. A back-translation is the designated means of checking whether the content of the source text matches exactly the content of the target text and whether there is any lack of clarity or if there are any differences in nuance or interpretation in the translation.

In a back-translation the translated text is translated as literally as possible back into the original language. We always have a back-translation carried out by a different translator to the first translator. The back-translator is not shown the original source text so he or she can carry out the translation impartially. Then the result of the back-translation is compared by an independent reviser with the original source text. The source can be modified, if necessary, using this comparison.



Medical documents that we can translate for you

  • clinical research reports
  • diagnostic reports
  • health certificates
  • information leaflets
  • leaflets
  • medical equipment documentation
  • medical files
  • medical publications
  • medical research
  • patient questionnaires
  • protocols
  • psychological tests
  • registrations in the register for health care professionals (BIG register)
  • test reports
  • user instructions for medical equipment

Psychology and neuroscience

Several of our translators specialise in translation work in the field of psychology and neuroscience. We have a great deal of experience in the translation of psychological tests, neuroscientific articles and patients questionnaires (with or without back-translations).


It goes without saying that we treat all your texts as highly confidential and that the whole translation process takes your privacy and that of your patients into careful consideration.