Correction and revision


We can revise texts that you have written yourself in any language so that you can be sure your text is 100% grammatically correct. Not only do we ensure that the text is grammatically correct, we also make sure that it reads well, that it is consistent and that the style is appropriate for the target group.

Texts are always checked by a qualified native speaker in the language concerned, so you can rest assured that your text will be perfect.


If your translation is intended for printing and needs to comply with a certain format or size, it is important that titles be correctly positioned, that punctuation marks be where they should be and that words be correctly hyphenated at the end of a line. However, this is easier said than done if your brochure is to be printed in Polish, Chinese or any other language with which you are not familiar. In such cases it is wise to have us check the PDF files of the proofing before printing. We will carefully ensure that everything is correctly positioned, that all of the text and characters are still there and that the words are correctly hyphenated. If required, we will consult with the formatter in order to clarify any issues.

We can also take care of the entire DTP process. Have a look at our page on over DTP services or ask us about the options available.